Floreana Island, Day 10

It’s back to the scene of my scuba-diving nightmare, today, Point Cormorant on Floreana Island.  This time, though, we walk to a brackish lagoon that is home to the largest population of Greater Galapagos flamingos in the islands.  Currently there are less than 500, but their numbers are slowly rising as introduced predators such as dogs, cats, and rats (which eat the flamingo eggs) are … [Read more...]

Isabela Island, Day 11

We set foot on Isabela island this morning with the intention of exploring the geology of the Galapagos Islands rather than its wildlife. Basically, islands to the east of the archipelago (such as Isabela island) are younger and at an earlier stage of ecological and geologic development, while those to the west are older and more established.  The beach at Point Moreño on Isabela Island is a … [Read more...]

Fernandina Island, Day 12

Isabela Island to Fernandina Island and beyond... First stop on this bloody hot morning is Urbina Bay on Isabela Island.  In 1954, this area experienced a major uplift, causing the land to rise over 16 feet in one night. The coast expanded by half a mile, leaving marine life stranded on the new shore.  The bay is reassuringly quiet today, however, as we search for tortoises, but none of them have … [Read more...]

Santiago Island and Bartolome Island, Day 13

Amazing wildlife encounters await on Santiago Island... Another busy day in the Galapagos Islands begins at Port Egas on Santiago Island.  We take our snorkeling gear with us and leave it on the beach as we explore.  Almost immediately we are greeted by a baby sea lion (3-5 days old Juan estimates) frolicking in a secluded rock pool accompanied by its mother and would be suitor who aggressively … [Read more...]

Black Turtle Cove, Santa Cruz Island, Day 14

One more adventure: Black turtle cove... Our last day begins with a beautiful sunrise over the Galapagos Islands.  Our last excursion (so sad) is to Black turtle cove, a mangrove estuary, on Santa Cruz Island, where we see more blue-footed boobies, brown pelicans, and even a 6-foot black-tipped reef shark. And then it's all over.  There are many more islands to explore and I'd love to go around … [Read more...]