Black Turtle Cove, Santa Cruz Island, Day 14

Brown Pelican, Black turtle cove, Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos Islands, EcuadorOne more adventure: Black turtle cove…

Our last day begins with a beautiful sunrise over the Galapagos Islands.  Our last excursion (so sad) is to Black turtle cove, a mangrove estuary, on Santa Cruz Island, where we see more blue-footed boobies, brown pelicans, and even a 6-foot black-tipped reef shark.

And then it’s all over.  There are many more islands to explore and I’d love to go around again, but we have to leave the beautiful, gorgeous, amazing Galapagos Islands.  I must just give a final mention to our guide, Juan Tapia, an expert on the flora, fauna, and geology of the Galapagos Islands and a fun guy to have around.  If you ever venture to the Galapagos Islands, I would thoroughly recommend hiring him.  And the cockroaches, bless their cotton socks, dropped by occasionally during the nights to say hello, and they proved a far more effective cure for motion sickness than the Dramamine.

Real life returns with a vengeance when our flight to Guayaquil, the largest city in Ecuador, is delayed for several hours.  There’s little to see in this city and tomorrow we’ll start the long journey south that will eventually take us to the very tip of the South American continent.  For tonight, though, we find a cheap room in a dodgy part of town that for some reason contains a bed but no other furniture and an en-suite bathroom that is still under construction.  But the best part is falling asleep in a bed that isn’t moving.  Sheer bliss.

Blog post by Roderick Phillips, author of Weary Heart – a gut-wrenching tale of love and test tubes.

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