Weary Heart by Roderick Phillips


Weary Heart by Author Roderick PhillipsSometimes, winning the Nobel Prize just isn’t enough.

At the turn of the millennium in the tranquil southwest of England, Jack Trevelyan, adventurer and reluctant scientist, steps off a train and hurtles head first into a maelstrom of conflict and strife.  His mother has lung cancer, yet his efforts to stave off tragedy are met with anger and resentment as his family spirals into turmoil.

With time running out, Jack moves to California to take up a research position at UCLA.  He is determined to crack the code that makes lung cancer so devastating.  His results are groundbreaking, garnering him international acclaim.  But little do Jack’s peers realize that his most important experiment failed: science could not save his broken heart.  Can love?

It’s a challenge that will prove far more difficult than winning the Nobel Prize…