Quito to Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island, Day 5

On our way to PUERTO AYORA... One challenging aspect of travel in foreign countries, and especially in countries where you don’t speak the lingo, is actually figuring out how to get around.  This really distinguishes the traveler from the tourist.  For some bizarre reason I actually enjoy trying to figure out the logistics.  I remember being in China years ago and one of my proudest moments was … [Read more...]

Scuba diving Floreana Island Day 6

Scuba diving off Floreana Island... Tomorrow we begin an 8-day cruise around the Galapagos Islands, but today Christi and I are going scuba diving in the waters around Floreana Island with Scuba Iguana (l love these names).  A few years ago I learned to dive in a truly spectacular location in Borneo and ever since then I've tried to convince myself that scuba diving is in my blood.  After this … [Read more...]

South Plaza Island, Day 7

The wildlife of South Plaza Island beckons... The boat we have chosen for our 8-day Galapagos adventure is the 14-passenger MV Samba.  It’s small in comparison with some of the leviathans that cruise these waters, but fewer passengers should mean a more intimate wildlife experience.  The downside is that our bijou cabin is in the bow of the boat which puts us in intimate contact with the feisty … [Read more...]

Santa Cruz Island, Day 8

Back to Santa Cruz Island... Apparently the captain has spoken with the owners and the boat will be fumigated while the passengers enjoy a free lunch at a waterfront restaurant in Puerto Ayora.  Cool.  As we walk around the Puerto Ayora harbor, we come across an open air fish-market where the main beneficiaries seem to be the wildlife, much to the frustration of the fishermen. The Galapagos … [Read more...]

Española Island, Day 9

It’s an 8-hour ride across open water to our next destination, Española Island and I feel every movement of the ship’s bow. Today sets the tone for the whole cruise.  We’re up at 6am, breakfast at 7 and by 8am we’re out the door. The sea-lions, sun-bathing on the dazzling white sand of Gardener Bay beach, completely ignore us.  We could have easily stroked their long, slippery bodies, but … [Read more...]