Scuba diving Floreana Island Day 6

Pacific Green Sea Turtle, scuba diving, Floreana Island, Galápagos Islands, EcuadorScuba diving off Floreana Island…

Tomorrow we begin an 8-day cruise around the Galapagos Islands, but today Christi and I are going scuba diving in the waters around Floreana Island with Scuba Iguana (l love these names).  A few years ago I learned to dive in a truly spectacular location in Borneo and ever since then I’ve tried to convince myself that scuba diving is in my blood.  After this latest misadventure, I think I can safely put that idea to rest.

The Galapagos Islands are situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean (620 miles off the coast of Ecuador), exposing them to all the vagaries of the weather.  And the seas were rough my friends – especially for someone who suffers from motion sickness.  Despite being dosed to the gills with Dramamine from Christi’s inexhaustible supply of pharmaceuticals, the 90-minute ride across open water in a tiny sampan-like boat that slams into wave after wave while the horizon disappears and reappears from view with stomach-churning regularity leaves me curled up in the bottom of the boat begging to be rescued.  Christi, by contrast, is completely unfazed by the raging storm (poetic license), and by the time we reach solid ground the last thing I want to do is go back in the water.

Our dive master does not share my views, however, and literally pulls me down towards Davey Jones’ locker.  Once under the water, of course, life is grand and I thoroughly enjoy gazing at green sea turtles, watching reef sharks glide by, and even spotting an octopus and a nudibranch.  In the late afternoon as we race back to Santa Cruz Island, I do gain some measure of revenge for my earlier bout of motion sickness by vomiting uncontrollably all over the Pacific Ocean.  Enjoyed it.

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