Healthy travel and a little photography, Cuenca, Day 17

Santo Domingo church, Cuenca, Ecuador

A few healthy travel tips…

As I mentioned yesterday, drinking the local tap water can be a huge risk.  To aid healthy travel and reduce the possibility of catching something nasty we brought a UV sterilizer with us.  The sterilizer is actually a probe that when immersed in water glows an eerie blue color.  Supposedly one minute is sufficient to kill all the harmful bugs, leaving (we hope) fresh, healthy water to drink.  So far, so good.  While we’re on the subject of health, it’s advisable to bring hand sanitizer (or know how to ask for it – desinfectante de manos is a good Spanish translation).  It’s also laundry day, but since the local lavenderia only want $10 to clean everything we own, it’s a no-brainer.  We are on vacation, after all.

And because we plan to take a lot of photos during our trip, we need to figure out a way to ensure we don’t lose all those irreplaceable images. The answer we come up with is laborious redundancy.  Poor Christi uploads all the low-resolution images to her Picasa account.  We also back up full resolution images onto an 80 GB DVD player, which has a 6-inch screen so that we can review the images, and flash drives as well.  So far we’ve accumulated more than 1,000 photos (Note over the whole year we took a staggering 25,000 images).

I mention these points because we spend much of the day in an internet cafe editing and uploading photographs, updating our diaries, sending e-mails, planning the next stages of our journey, and basically convincing the world that we are still alive.  Our rest day is actually a day spent completing a host of chores.  It’s dark when we leave the cafe, but we are greeted with a beautiful night scene of the Santo Domingo church in central Cuenca.  Click.

Blog post by Roderick Phillips, author of Weary Heart – a gut-wrenching tale of love and test tubes.

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